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Our aim is to ship your order the same day as you order, except for non-workdays. On our site we normally inform that we have 3-7 days delivery time - something we aim to challenge on every delivery!

Some products, e.g. gold and fine jewellery, we produce when receiving your order and depending on complexity and numbers of orders waiting in the workshop the delivery can take up to 4-8 weeks.

All our shipments are sent with recommended mail within Sweden and outside Sweden with TNT/DHL delivery. Please make sure your contact details are stated correctly so you will receive your shipment in good order.


When purchasing your favourite products on our website you can pay by credit card VISA/MasterCard/American Express or directly through your PayPal account.

For credit card payments we use PayPal as a partner. Pay Pal is a leading supplier of secure payment solutions worldwide.

Please read our ‘Conditions & Terms’ for further information regarding your purchase and payment.


To ensure that your Nina/STHLM jewellery gives you pleasure for many years, it is important to take care of it in the best way possible. Keep it in the accompanying pouch when not wearing it. Wipe with a polishing cloth after each use to remove make-up, grease, odours etc. Remove your jewellery when bathing, doing the dishes, gardening etc to protect it from unnecessary wear. Avoid sleeping with jewellery on, which also exposes it to unnecessarily hard wear.

No metal, including silver and gold, can tolerate salt or chlorinated water. White gold jewellery is electro-plated with rhodium, a white precious metal, to give it additional lustre, which can wear off. The outer layer can be renewed by taking the piece to a jewellery store for re-plating if so desired.

Pearls should be wiped after use with a lightly moistened cloth. To ensure they retain their lustre it is important that they do not come into contact with substances that have a degreasing effect, such as perfume and dish soap. It is best to keep pearls covered (but avoid using cotton balls, which has a desiccating effect).

Clean your jewellery regularly and it will retain its appearance.

Nina/STHLM uses nickel-free 925 silver. Silver can sometimes darken, i.e. become oxidized. This can be due to the minerals and salts secreted by the body and can be remedied using 'Silverdip', a product available from specialist retailers.